Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congratulations - 3 Winners Get all my Ellora's Cave ebooks

Special thanks to everyone for stopping by my blog post to help me celebrate my 10th Ellora's Cave publication. It's been such a wonderful journey and I want you all to keep tagging along.

Congratulations to 3 lucky winners: Angel Hatfield, Yadira Alonzo, and Cathy MacDonald! Hope you all enjoy your EC ebooks from me and keep me posted.

I had such fun running this contest I'm going to plan another one but with more Ellora's Cave authors! We want those Kindles and ereaders to be stocked full of hot steamy stories!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrating 10th Ellora's Cave release - 10 e-books and $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs

Kissed is my latest erotic paranormal romance published with Ellora’s Cave (EC). I can’t believe I now have 10 stories out with EC. That’s so amazing and to celebrate I’m giving away a complete box set of all my EC books as e-books plus a $10 Amazon gift card for THREE lucky winners. All you have to do to win is tell me a bit about your favorite place. Please leave your email in your comment. Winner will be randomly picked on my birthday – Saturday, May 26, 2012! Let's celebrate together.

Inverness Beach, Cape Breton, NS
Today, I’m telling you about one of my loves. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. My love of Cape Breton began when I was a child and my father spent a few weeks each summer diving off its coast for sunken treasures. I spent my days walking the beaches but the minute he came to shore I dove into his net to find those treasurers. Old Spanish coins, precious jewels, small vials that held who knows what and old wine bottles seeped into my memory of Cape Breton. When not scourging the beaches I took to the hills with my mother to pick wild blueberries. Those hills which seemed like mountains to me I never forgot. There was a peace in those hills; a history of old houses built hundreds of years ago which the forest reclaimed and I loved to explore it all. Cape Breton beaches like Inverness and the hills and landscape of Cape Smokey, the trails along the cliffs of the Keltic Lodge, all those things became a part of me and I wanted to showcase some of the mysticism in my latest book. Kissed showcases the lure of the land.
Keltic Lodge & Resort, Cape Breton, NS

Cape Smokey, Cape Breton, NS
Kissed also showcases the Druid and Fey belief and trust me people in Cape Breton are very superstitious. I loved how when I was a child, we’d go visiting people in Cape Breton and with Cape Breton hospitality we’d find ourselves staying first for tea and biscuits and then of course for supper. It’s considered rude to refuse an invite for supper, so we often found ourselves enjoying homemade clam chowder, or a boiled dinner with people who might have started out as brief acquaintances to only become fast friends. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kissed - a story of fey heart

So excited to see my latest Ellora's Cave book debuting this week. Kissed is the first book in a series I've called Fairy Curses and it's set in the Highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I wrote this book with multiple POV and I created the world of the fey with a mix of beauty and evil. What I wanted to focus on was a hero beaten down by a strong matriarch but who discovers he needs a woman to fill his heart. Tara is my hometown, country girl who thinks she's plain and ordinary. It takes one kiss from a stranger to change her life and destiny. Kissed is a sexy read and I hope you all enjoy.

To celebrate Kissed and as part of the Erotic Madness Hop I'll also be giving away an e-copy of Kissed to one lucky person. Leave a comment with your name and email and you could be that lucky person.

Kissed by Renee Field

“I know you.”
His gravelly, hard-edged voice left her wanting to rub a finger over his lips. She felt his warm, large hands span her waist to help keep her standing upright as she bent to dislodge her stuck boot.
The feel of his hands on her waist through the puffy confines of the feather-down jacket caused her body to hum all over. Not good, not good at all. Why couldn’t I have stumbled on an old man? Nope, I stumble across one drop-dead gorgeous hunk. Too bad he stinks to high heaven. Then again, that’s probably not a bad thing because I don’t know this man…a warning I should heed.
She laughed this time. “I don’t think so. We’ve never been introduced. Trust me, I’d remember.” Boot unstuck, she slipped it back onto her cold foot.
“You speak my language.”
Instinctively she stilled, frozen to the spot. He spoke her grandmother’s secret language. The lilt of his words flowed like a sensual stream off his tongue, evoking a sharp intake of breath on her behalf. A flash of a tall, angry, imposing man jumped into her mind. A thought that she should have run when she had the chance caused her heart to accelerate. But none of that mattered. She was nicely caught, held by tempting hands whose thumbs were stroking her jacket, distracting her earlier thoughts. “A bit,” she answered back in English.
“Well, well, well, my night just got better.”
He crushed her body up close and personal to his muscular frame and lowered his lips to her mouth before she could protest. She knew then she should scream. Instead her mind digested the taste of rum and something wild and exotic like the combined taste of cinnamon and cardamom. A part unknown within her urged her to yield to it. She fought with herself not to bend her body to his large, hard frame. Luckily all she could smell was skunk. But even that didn’t matter as much anymore.
What was happening to her had never happened before. Sure, she’d been kissed a few times, but not like this. Not by a man who knew what it meant to be a lover. Not by a man whose lips were molding her own to his, demanding she comply, willing her to open to her own passion. His tongue stroked her own, dancing and dueling with hers, forcing her mouth to yield to his skill. A skill that should have shocked her. Instead, she welcomed it, tilting her head, adjusting her stance without thought to accommodate his desires. Tasting, taking…feeling the rush of sexual power that fueled their mingled breaths. His powerful hands roamed up and under her coat to clutch her back. The heat of his flesh scorched her, fueling a rush of warmth below, causing her to want to rub her legs around his thighs. She whimpered, lust and need swamped her senses, making her dizzy.
“Ahh, that’s what I thought. There’s more of my kind in you than you know.”
His tone was quiet and mocking. Abruptly, he backed away. Tara shivered from his absence as the cold wind of the night brought common sense back to her.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Erotic Romance Madness Hop - Contest - Claiming Poseidon's Heart

So excited to be involved in the Erotic Romance Madness Hop. I'm showcasing my latest erotic paranormal novella called Claiming Poseidon's Heart. I love to write paranormal and adding hot sex scenes, especially when dealing with a god, are so much fun to create.

Drop me a line and I'm giving away an e-copy of Claiming Poseidon's Heart and A Siren's Wish and a $20 Amazon gift card. Both erotic novellas feature my love of Sirens, the sea and the gods and sea witches who rule them. The contest runs from May 10- 14, 2012. One winner will be randomly picked.

To share, I thought I'd include an erotic excerpt of Claiming Poseidon's Heart:

Soki’s hands had a will of their own. One slid through his tawny hair. His hair sifted through her fingers like silk. Her other hand dipped lower to touch his back muscles. They bunched under her probing fingers.
His trail of kisses moved leisurely up her neck. They began to drive her mad. She wanted his lips on hers again. Groaning, she tugged at his head. He laughed, his breath teasing her sensitive flesh.
“Soki, I need to cherish you. Feel you. All of you. You are like nothing I ever imagined.”
His hands once again took hold of her face. She liked that about him. He took command of her. Soki thought she wouldn’t like that aspect—wrong. So much of her life she controlled but not him. His eager passion, the way he touched her, ignited a fierce fire within the pit of Soki’s stomach. A tangible ache formed between her legs. Her nipples became nubs as hard as stone…sensitive to the merest thing, like the feel of his naked chest now on top of her.
“May I?”
She nodded, desperate to get out of her shirt. With an almost suicidal ache she needed to feel him skin to skin. She moved her arms up. Swiftly he yanked off her shirt. Modesty hit her instantly. 
“Beautiful,” he said, a second before he started to nuzzle her breasts.
Soki knew her breasts weren’t much. They were a perfect B cup, average, almost unnoticeable when she wore a wetsuit.
Nate flicked a tongue over her nipple. Soki hissed, the sheer pleasure of it blinding in its intensity. Her other lovers had assumed since her breasts were small her nipples wouldn’t count. Thank god, Nate thought the opposite.
“I love your breasts. They are perfectly shaped but these nipples of yours are amazing. I want to lick them all day.”
Oh the things the man said. Who knew? Soki never thought she’d like erotic foreplay but the answering liquid of desire sliding out of her pussy made her a liar. Desperate to feel him, she moved a hand down his muscled arm. He grasped her arm to position it above her head. He claimed the other arm and positioned it to his liking.
She laughed. “You are planning to let me touch you?”
“Oh, baby, that I am, but I have to taste you, feel you, get your scent all over me and only then will I let you explore me. Your touch sets my skin on fire.”

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